“In my last 2 companies, I have worked with NAXXAR’s principal consultant to prepare 8 SR&ED claims. He has assisted us to successfully support these claims when audited and improve our processes to support these claims. I’d recommend NAXXAR’s services to any software development firm attempting to take advantage of the SR&ED program.”

Scott Lake

CEO of SourceMetrics (and former CEO of Shopify) - Social Media Marketing & Analytics Platform

“I have worked with Greg, their principal consultant, since my 2004 SR&ED claim (19 years) and would recommend him to other firms in the oil and gas industry. He understands my projects and has helped improve the project descriptions and claims. Without the SR&ED program’s funds, we would never have been able to move forward on a number of our R&D projects.”

Andrew Romocki

President, Rocanda Enterprises Ltd - Oil & Gas Industry

“Since 2009, we have worked with NAXXAR’s key consultant to submit SR&ED claims for our innovative software platform to manage commercial real estate (CRE) assets. He has successfully supported and assisted us in making these R&D claims. With his assistance and these funds, our software solution is pushing the boundaries of the CRE industry.”

Steven Wong

CTO, Concatenate Inc. - Software Development