Charge Forward

Government Funding Assistance

Most companies as they grow require funding. This is a significant challenge for entrepreneurs running Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Banking institutions are not equipped to handle the risk of financing most SMEs. Significant funding is available for small businesses at both levels of government (i.e., the federal and provincial government).

Most business owners are not aware of myriad of grants and other funding options that are available. Even if they are aware of some programs, they don’t have the time or knowledge of the specific programs to take advantage of them in a timely and strategic approach.

These programs can help SMEs overcome financial obstacles to growth. For example, you can assistance for hiring employees, training, R&D funds, software / hardware purchases, commercialization of products, and purchasing new high-technology equipment. There are many creative ways to assist SMEs in their growth.
In order to strategically select programs suited for specific SMEs, we have organized the government programs into 4 major buckets from which select programs:

  • Training & Hiring Programs
  • Research & Development Programs
  • Business Growth Programs
  • Capital Acquisition Programs