Revolutionizing Affordability

Innovative Fee Structure


Experience a fresh approach to consultancy costs with Naxxar Consulting’s Innovative Fee Structure. Our commitment to transparency and flexibility ensures that you receive value-driven solutions tailored to your specific needs, empowering your business to thrive in a cost-effective partnership.

Flexible Fee Structure

We offer a number of different fee structures and are flexible based on our customers’ needs. We are very competitive and our goal is to offer our clients the best value for their money.

Contingency Fees

Contingency Fees, or Success Fees, are available when clients are not contractually prohibited from using this fee structure. We only get paid if we are successful in getting you money or tax credits. The % success fee varies based on the amount of money and/or tax credits received. For startup companies this option is typically the preferred method.

Hourly Fees

For larger companies or for companies that have had a number of successful claims, it is sometimes more cost effective to work on an hourly basis for specific projects. Our hourly rates vary on the type of work being performed, but are typically substantially below the big accounting firm rates.

Flat Fees

Flat fees / monthly fees can be negotiated and are based on the specific project or service provided. This fee structure is often used to help companies identify a target list of potential funding programs and assist / train the client in applying for these programs over a specified period of time. It may also be used to allow the client to budget for part-time CFO services.

Hybrid Fees

We are flexible in negotiating hybrid fee structures (i.e., a portion of the fee is a contingency and the balance of the fee is an hourly or flat fee). We do not have a hard and fast rule for the % contingency and the hourly fee / flat fee portion. The fee structure is based upon the client project and risk / reward profile of the project. This fee structure is not common among our competitors but is often attractive because it reduces both the straight contingency rate as well as the flat fee / hourly rate while providing some of the benefits of both rate structures.